Transformational results are typical and guaranteed.

*Read the fine print

O8’s DDMRPII™ is the only enterprise capable demand driven material requirements planning software solution available.

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No Guarantee
  • Generation of Buffers
  • Planning Board / Dashboard
  • LIMITED Reporting / Analytics
  • Material Availability Check – through all levels of BOM/BOD
  • Capacity Planning – hours, units, volume, weight, cost, manpower, etc…
  • Multiple Sourced Parts – unlimited supply allocation capability
  • Common Part Numbers Across Multiple Locations
  • Supplementary Tables for VMI, CMI – ability to plan supplier and customer nodes
  • Supply Chain Linking Capability Where Legacy Systems Are Incomplete – toolkit of functionality to make DDMRP work anywhere
  • Event Management – promotions, stock build, seasonality
  • Shutdown Management – supplier and enterprise level
  • Lifecycle Management – run in / out, substitution, phase in / out
  • Stock Batch and Expiry Date Control
  • Long Term Supply Plan Using DDMRP Rules – totally eliminates need for MRP / DRP in legacy systems
  • Full S&OP Simulation Suite, Forward and Historical – with scenario recording, capacity management, data manipulation and management
  • Supplier Portal – order confirmation workflow / supply plan visibility
  • Other Planning Rules Available – Other Than DDMRP – O8 plans ALL parts, rate based rule, re-order cycle, spares, percentile logic, make to order / forecast
  • LIMITED – Multi-Language / Multi-Dictionary 
  • Case Related OTIF – reason code controlled

O8’s DDMRPII™ has been implemented by multi-nationals across 5 continents for good reason, it drives results.

O8 offers a combination of incredibly simple and effective planning tools backed up by a huge array of key functionality to enable a successful implementation in all situations.

O8’s environment is designed to optimize performance, security, and handles multiple customers globally, some with several million transactions per day.

O8 has demonstrated 99.9% uptime over the past 15 years and currently has 2 server locations with DR capability

O8’s full-online Helpdesk is embedded in the O8 application for problem report/resolution, plus a growing knowledgebase of user related questions and answers.

O8’s DDMRPII™ is the only enterprise capable demand driven material requirements planning software solution available.

The only provider to have a team of professionals with 10 years+ real-world experience implementing and problem-solving in a DDMRP environment

The only one to deliver 10x increase in planner/SKU ratio as well as the expected inventory and service improvements

The only one that can cope with any supply chain challenge you may have

Modular server setup design to enable quick rollout to other locations if required

Uses a server based web portal to eliminate the security/support issues associated with local web browsers, e.g. IE, Mozilla, Chrome and Safari

Ability to commit to any service level agreement without 3rd party involvement

Total control over support, DR and maintenance


*Normally, the big print giveth and the small print taketh away. In the case of O8, these results are typical. Good job looking at the fine print, tho.

Why consider a supply chain planning vendor that does not provide a guarantee?

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O8 is the best-kept secret in supply chain planning. While others make empty promises, O8 delivers transformational results for global brands across five continents. And we’ve done it in process, discreet, MTO, ETO, and rate-based production environments. For distribution, O8 has delivered real results in complex multi-tiered multi-national networks, we’ve even satisfied requirements where the entire product catalog can change monthly.

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