New white paper

The value of constrained decision-making in enterprise supply chain planning

Cognitive Overload – Working Under Extreme Uncertainty

Simplifying planning can drive dramatic supply chain performance improvements with the achievement of significant working capital and service level benefits whilst reducing cognitive overload.

Forecasts remain crucial, particularly for sizing strategic buffers and for mid/long-term decision-making. Forecasts are not used to support short-term (daily) decisions.

This short paper explores the conceptual shift required to change the planner’s role. Value comes when the planner improves supply chain service and value:

  • Drive improvement opportunities in lead-time changes with suppliers
  • Work with production schedulers to optimize minimum-order quantities and lead-times
  • Anticipate and plan for capacity constraints
  • Collaborate with logistics to better project warehouse spacing requirements
  • Work with sales to adjust buffers and capabilities to manage commercial events (e.g., promotions) better

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