As specialists in demand-driven supply chains, we help companies link planning methodology to business strategy. From daily operations to planning strategy, we work closely with customers to:

  • Segment the planning process according to an item’s demand profile using demand-driven supply planning
  • Set inventory policies that help create realistic sales and operations plans with supply chain conditioning
  • Support daily operations with demand-driven inventory planning processes that include events, life cycle planning, capacity planning and multi-tier planning
  • Run supply chain simulations that analyze unlimited what-ifs

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Supply Planning Improved

Get in touch. We’ll run a simulation on your historical data to compare your actual to the performance improvement you could have achieved with O8. The simulation is no cost, comprehensive, and fast. All it takes are a couple of conversations, and an extract of your last six months of data (nothing proprietary).

In a couple of weeks, you’ll see the results. Then if you choose to deploy, we guarantee you’ll achieve an improvement revealed in the simulation, or you pay NOTHING for our software until you do.


Reduction in inventory levels by 30-70%


Achieve Customer Service Levels Above 90%


Compress Your Lead Times By Up to 85%


Decrease Obsolete Inventory By Up To 90%