To MRP or not to MRP?

"Everyone agrees that to reach a very high level of forecast accuracy is not possible. How much time, resources and budget do you finally want to invest in non-value adding forecasting information? Shouldn’t it be better for your company to invest in robust inventory...

Read an excerpt of the article from Supply Chain Movement:

“Ever-more companies are using supply chain software in the cloud. According to a recent study by research firm Gartner among companies in manufacturing, wholesale and retail, 54 percent of the respondents utilize or plan to use a cloud-based Transport Management System (TMS), and the percentage for both Warehouse Management Systems (WMS) and Sales & Operations Planning (S&OP) is 48 percent in each case. Software solutions for collaboration and for supply chain visibility score 59 percent and 56 percent respectively, which is entirely understandable in view of the need for various applications to be interconnected.”

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