Boots Storybook ===> Supply Planning. Managed.

Supply Planning. Managed. See the Proof. How O8 improved supply planning for a leading health, beauty, and pharmaceutical manufacturer. Although weekly promotional volatility causes peaks and valleys in customer demand, in most cases historical demand is actually...

DDMRPII™ vs DRP/MRP ===> Bring Demand-Driven Supply Chains to Life.

DDMRPII™ vs DRP/MRP Bringing Demand-Driven Supply Chains to Life O8 DDMRPII™ (End-to-end supply planning and execution) delivers objectives more effectively than DRP or MRP Key inventory management objectives: To deliver 99% fill rate and service level with minimal...

“We all aim to optimize all kinds of aspects of our business, but we all also are aware it’s very challenging to put reality in an optimization model. Nevertheless, we require insights which enable us to prevent poor decision making. More than ever, variability has become a constant factor in our life whereby we still need to make the best decisions. The ability to carry out “what-if“ analysis that lead to a “best” setup of the supply chain is more and more appreciated. Simulation makes us better understand how various components interact with each other and how they affect overall supply chain performance.”

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