To MRP or not to MRP?

"Everyone agrees that to reach a very high level of forecast accuracy is not possible. How much time, resources and budget do you finally want to invest in non-value adding forecasting information? Shouldn’t it be better for your company to invest in robust inventory...

Setting the Foundation for Supply Chain Success

Are you frustrated with creating supply chain plans that are divorced from reality? Join the club. At Orchestr8 our solution helps companies condition their supply chain by analyzing demand profiles and setting inventory targets that lead to more realistic Sales & Operations Plans. And that sound foundation means the execution process runs within the plan – creating a much simpler, self-managing process.

Continuous Improvement across the Full Product Lifecycle

As with any conditioning, it’s an ongoing process with monthly and annual reviews. Conditioning allows the supply chain to autonomously respond to demand at each inventory level through demand profile analysis and replenishment technique selection, as well as calculation of rate and stock targets.

Customers benefit from supply chain conditioning since it:

  • Promotes continuous improvement by Identifying and managing operational actions to address service or cost drivers
  • Improves capacity planning and visibility
  • Increases awareness of product life cycle by reducing obsolescence and improving focus on new product introduction process

Extending S&OP to include inventory buffers and the selection of the correct planning rules ensures the daily operation is more tightly linked to the plan. And that results in greater efficiencies and reduced inventory. Contact us to learn more about optimizing your inventory planning rules and targets.

People Are Talking

We’ve worked with numerous supply planning tools, but Orchestr8 has a unique approach that resolves manufacturing constraints — basically eliminating plan changes and allowing planners to spend their time more productively.
Simon Eagle, Senior SCM Consultant, SCALA Group, Industry B

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