Review the business case that unburdened $31,000,000 from Finished Goods.

Does guaranteed ROI sound too good to be true? It’s not.



Want to see the results of a business case (written for one of our clients) that unburdened +/- $31,000,000 from finished goods?

Unlike other vendors who perform demand-driven simulations in a spreadsheet, O8 loads your historical data in the same supply planning application you’d deploy. No spreadsheets and no vendor smoke and mirrors. The O8 business case output is comprehensive, granular, and detailed, employing the reporting and analytics native to the application so you can see how everything works together.

Operational, inventory, and working capital improvements are clear and the detail to support them is substantial.

Once you receive your business case, our ROI guarantee is simple: we agree upon your improvement target, time frame, and we implement (usually in less than 90 days – and usually 100% remote). There is ZERO cost for software until your improvement targets are achieved.

These results are typical:

  • Provide customer service levels above 99%
  • Reduce inventory levels by 30-70%
  • Reduce lead-times by up to 85%
  • Free up capacity to enable CAPEX delay and higher overhead absorption
  • Decrease obsolete inventory by up to 90%
  • Shrink planner workload by 70%
  • Diminish plan changes to less than 5%

Want to review a copy of a business case and learn about our guaranteed ROI? Get in touch today and schedule 45 minutes.