DDMRPII™ Implementation

PZ Cussons


Ready to take a transformational supply planning journey? Learn about the DDMRPII™ Implementation in PZ Cussons

Where are you in your Supply Planning Journey?

A major British manufacturer of personal healthcare products and consumer goods, PZ Cussons, has chosen Orchestr8 to take supply planning to the next level.

Orchestr8 is a supply chain planning SaaS solution provider.

O8’s solution runs alongside core transaction systems to provide a user-friendly end to end planning platform that delivers a step-change improvement in inventory, service and operating cost outcomes.

What is the likely impact on suppliers from using Orchestr8?

Total Order Stability, enabling the opportunity to take cost out of the supply process for all parties.

Your Partner for a Transformational Supply Planning Journey

We have nearly 20 years of delivering and developing our solution, our solution is unique in that it is developed by a team of planners to support best practice processes whilst using a segmentation approach that ensures the right planning approach is used for the right product at the right time. That may be Demand Driven planning, Event planning, low volume Spares planning, high volume flow planning, or one of our other planning methodologies.

See the outstanding results from the Thailand project with this white paper.