Supply planning improved.

Transformational results are typical. Guaranteed ROI. Up and running in 90 days. 100% remote implementation. Pay no subscription fees until ROI achieved.


100% remote implementation


Reduce inventory levels by 30-70%


Unburden significant capital locked in inventory


Compress lead times up to 85%


Decrease obsolete inventory by up to 90%


90 day rollout


Diminish plan changes to less than 5%


Shrink planner workload by 70%


Provide customer service levels above 90%


Avoid CAPEX and enable higher overhead absorption

Zero financial risk.

Why consider a supply  planning vendor that does not provide a guarantee?

Ready to transform your supply planning operations?

O8 is the best-kept secret in supply chain planning. While others make empty promises, O8 delivers transformational results for global brands across five continents. And we’ve done it in process, discreet, MTO, ETO, and rate-based production environments.

For distribution, O8 has delivered real results in complex multi-tiered multi-national networks, we’ve even satisfied requirements where the entire product catalog can change monthly.

No Failed Supply Planning Projects. Guaranteed.

Get in touch. We’ll run a simulation on your historical data to compare your actual to the performance improvement you could have achieved with O8. The simulation is no cost, comprehensive, and fast. All it takes are a couple of conversations, and an extract of your last six months of data (nothing proprietary).

In a couple of weeks, you’ll see the results. Then if you choose to deploy, we guarantee you’ll achieve an improvement revealed in the simulation, or you pay NOTHING for our software until you do.


Talk to us. Let us show you a guaranteed ROI.


Bringing Demand-Driven Supply Chains to Life

Superior Supply Planning Chain Performance

Ownership of the supply chain has shifted from ops to IT under the belief that technology is the solution for every challenge.  Lots of disparate tech tools are focused upon the periphery.    

So much of what is supply chain is centered upon is inventory, and if you get your inventory planning right, many of the systemic challenges rapidly diminish. It should be obvious, after millions of dollars invested and years of technology implementations, that current software solutions don’t do what they need to do because planners are still using spreadsheets.

Instead of technology, it’s time to focus on the fundamentals. O8 strengthens your fundamentals – let us show you what can happen when your fundamentals are solid*.