Boots Storybook ===> Supply Planning. Managed.

Supply Planning. Managed. See the Proof. How O8 improved supply planning for a leading health, beauty, and pharmaceutical manufacturer. Although weekly promotional volatility causes peaks and valleys in customer demand, in most cases historical demand is actually...

DDMRPII™ vs DRP/MRP ===> Bring Demand-Driven Supply Chains to Life.

DDMRPII™ vs DRP/MRP Bringing Demand-Driven Supply Chains to Life O8 DDMRPII™ (End-to-end supply planning and execution) delivers objectives more effectively than DRP or MRP Key inventory management objectives: To deliver 99% fill rate and service level with minimal...

“Shell Lubricants has ripped up the rulebook in supply chain management, fully disrupting the industry. Global supply chains are facing increased customer and portfolio complexity. Heightening consumer demands are leading companies to look at ways to transform existing processes to drive efficiencies, lower costs, provide quality customer service, all whilst lowering working capital and inventory.”

Read the extraordinary story about revolutionizing the supply chain through demand-driven planning.

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