Careful Orchestration of Humans and Machines Yields Dramatic Demand Planning Results

With O8’s demand planning system, planners have more control over their environment.

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Machines will never replace man. Still, the collaboration between man and machine will allow organizations to adequately deal with the challenges of change and provide the opportunity to tap into the vast amount of data – representing the way customers express their preferences and leave traces of their buying behavior and needs in the supply chain.
With Orchestr8, planners will genuinely be able to open the enterprise’s windows to the changing world, creating transparency that allows for collaboration on proven data and insights that enable supply chains to produce against a forecast carried by the whole organization – superior when compared with any other competing approach.
When you work with Orchestr8, our planners will…

  • Work with larger quantities of data more effectively and spend 70% less time creating the plan itself.
  • Reduce forecast errors by 30% to 40%.
  • Monitor and respond to changes in new product introductions far more effectively by monitoring in-market sales implementations.
  • Cost of operation will continue to drop each year as AI/ML learns your business
  • Become a strategic, go-to-point in driving the direction of an organization.