Achieving Production Stability. Managed Supply Planning.

Managed Supply Planning. Rapid ROI. See the evidence. Achieving production stability was a prime driver for DDMRP II adoption at a major soft drinks manufacturer.Overview A.G. Barr p.l.c. is a FTSE 250 UK based, branded consumer goods business focused on growth. The...

How O8 manages supply planning for BCM

Supply Planning. Managed. How O8 manages supply planning for a leading health, beauty, and pharmaceutical manufacturer.Situation Overview Based in Nottingham in central England, Boots Contract Manufacturing (BCM) is a leading manufacturing of health, beauty care, and...

Retail, Health & Wellness Case Study. Supply Planning. Managed.

Supply Planning. Managed. See the Proof. How O8 improved supply planning for a leading health, beauty, and pharmaceutical manufacturer. Although weekly promotional volatility causes peaks and valleys in customer demand, in most cases historical demand is actually...

DDMRPII™ vs DRP/MRP – Bring Demand Driven Supply Chains to Life

DDMRP II™ vs DRP/MRP Supply Planning Improved. Bringing Demand-Driven Supply Chains to LifeO8 DDMRPII™ (End-to-end supply planning and execution) delivers objectives more effectively than DRP or MRP Key inventory management objectives: To deliver 99% fill rate and...

PZ Cussons Supply Planning Journey

WHITEPAPER Inventory and Supply Planning Journey PZ Cussons A major British manufacturer of personal healthcare products and consumer goods, PZ Cussons, has chosen Orchestr8 solution for their Supply Planning journey. Request a copy of the white paper and learn about...

Pharma: Manufacturer of Facial Aesthetic Fillers

WHITEPAPER Sales & Operations Planning Process Pharma Industry: Manufacturer of Facial Aesthetic Fillers A manufacturer of facial aesthetic fillers engaged with O8 with the goal of improving service levels while demonstrating inventory improvements across their...

Shell: Deep Diving Into Demand Driven Planning

Learn how Shell Lubricants ripped up the rulebook in supply chain planning. Supply Planning. Managed. See the Proof.Overview Global supply chains are facing increased customer and portfolio complexity. Heightening consumer demands are leading companies to look at...

An Affordable and Efficient S&OP / Scenario Planning Solution

Need an affordable, easy-to-use solution for running supply chain simulations? With Orchestr8 you can review detailed simulations in a controlled environment and quickly analyze endless what-if scenarios across the supply chain.

Realistic What-If Analysis

Orchestr8 supports historical, what if analysis and forward simulations that show the potential impact of the current forecast given existing parameters. Capacity planning reports are linked to the forward simulation functionality to allow resources and physical supply chain elements to be planned effectively. Results are generated in terms of likely stock profiles, number of transactions (make events, sales, orders and receipts), space requirements and resources required.

Key supply chain parameters – such as forecast, lead time and service targets — can be altered, and simulations can be run at item and group level giving users complete flexibility. The solution includes the ability to:

  • Alter planning rules, dates, service levels, targets, lead time, MOQ, forecast or demand data
  • Save and access scenarios after they have been run
  • Run simulations across multiple nodes in the supply chain
  • Fully support BOD & BOM explosion of the forecast to analyze upstream supply chain impacts
  • Analyze key events and their potential impact
  • Can be used to provide forecasts to suppliers and supply chain partners
  • Link supplementary Items to set inventory targets at a supplier location or even a material of a supplier
  • Allow for VMI locations to be managed separately from a standard production or finished good code

Forward simulations can be conducted daily or monthly to help develop and test the inventory target rules as well as being the ‘what if’ data set and graphics that are the basis of your S&OP process. Contact us today to learn more.

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